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‘It’s A Free World, Baby’ is an outtake from R.E.M.’s 1991 multi-platinum album Out of Time. It is available on the Friends soundtrack and also on the special edition of In Time: The Best Of R.E.M. 1988-2003.

I’m James. I am a 20 year-old Psychology student, based in the Herefordshire (home) and Staffordshire (university), England, UK.

At the time of writing this, my blog is only a couple of days old. But i foresee content including:

  • In the News – I attempt to keep up to date with the world i live in, it seems to make sense to me. If i thought it was worth reading/hearing/seeing, i will share it on here.
  • Entertainment – If there is any goss that i think is new-news(?), i will share it on here.
  • Music – Ah, my passion. I will have a lot to say on this. Although i won’t promise breaking bands as such, as i seem to head back in time when purchasing music. I prefer to give my money to an artist that has stood the test of time rather than jump on the band wagon about the latest new band. I have a two-single rule: If a band impresses me with their debut single i won’t go and buy the album. BUT if the second single is to my liking, then they have my cash. This is why i buy so much old music, rather than new music. But there have been exceptions: Kaiser Chiefs, Arctic Monkeys to name but two. We’ll see…
  • TV – If i can be drawn away from a) my laptop and b) my iPod by something on TV, it MUST be worth watching.
  • Film – This could go one of two ways. I will either rant about the latest rom-com my girlfriend has forced me to watch, or cheer about the latest blockbuster i forced her to watch.
  • Technology – I’m a geek. You’ll soon know about it.
  • And other Random things…

Those are the main areas for conversation at the mo. I’m sure/hope my pallet will grow through the course of this blog.


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