Don’t XPect me to get Vista, just yet.

Wednesday, 31 January 2007 at 17:22 4 comments


So, Windows Vista came out yesterday. To be honest, i havn’t shown any interest to it until yesterday. I didn’t touch the Beta releases, or purposely read up much about it. I have only seen one TV advert on it, and that was pretty wank. But now that i have started sifting through the media, it is slowly but surely dragging me in.

I have a very basic laptop to do me through University, with plans to buy a better quality desktop when i am setup post-grad. And even though it doesn’t meet the spec for even the Home Basic edition of Vista (I don’t have 15GB of space free, too much music, and i’m 256MB short of RAM), i have been drawn into looking up prices for a new HDD and RAM! I am intrigued by the Aero UI and Search functions, two reasons i contemplated buying a Mac last year. But luckily i have come across this PC World article in the blogsphere – Wait! Don’t Buy Microsoft Windows Vista. Mike Elgan of Computerworld states 6 sensible reasons why we should stick with XP for now, and none of them are Vista-bashing.

  1. Vista is incomplete – Supposedly, SP1 will be released in no time. Not all drivers are ready, nor are many 3rd party security firms.
  2. Vista is expensive – I have read lots of bad stuff about upgrading from Xp to Vista (did you know you need to own a CD copy of XP, and do a clean install of XP THEN an install of Vista. That’s 2 installs!), but the prices themselves for new or upgrades are astonishing.
  3. Vista wants a new PC – Although you can run Vista on old computers, a new computer is recommended for optimum performance. As Elgan put it, “Sure, you can buy Vista and install it on an old PC. But that’s like subscribing to HD cable, but not buying an HD TV. You’re paying for the HD experience but not actually experiencing it.”
  4. Vista is time-consuming – You will need to re-learn how to get around Windows, and spend the majority of your time on the computer answering millions of security questions from your computer. It would be like have a small child. And Windows Easy Transfer? Not as easy as it says.
  5. Windows XP isn’t obsolete – To me, the biggest reason. Microsoft have guaranteed to keep supporting XP til 2011, and personally by this time my computer will be dead and buried and i would have bought a new comp with Vista already installed. Although XP is bashed for all its holes, they have all subsequently been patched. As it stands, XP is solid and stable. Personally, i have NEVER have a virus, piece of spyware or malware, or been caught by a phishing website. I run a few simple security programs and have Windows Update on automatic. Jobs a fish. There is also word of SP3 being released later this year.
  6. Vista may be the best reason yet to buy a Mac – With a new 3D interface, improved search functions and sidebar widgets all being inspired from Mac OS X, and that fact you are going to have to teach yourself how to get round a new OS, why not just take the opportunity and switch to Mac?

So, thanks to that, a weight from Windows and the media has been lifted from my shoulders. XP is doing me fine, and as i say – if it’s not broken, don’t fix it. Well, ok, maybe that shouldn’t be used when talking about Windows.

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  • 1. Harry  |  Friday, 2 February 2007 at 12:31

    Hooray, someone with their head firmly screwed on their shoulders! I have thought exactly the same things.
    I saw that ad too! Little mention what Vista actually was, and just a lot o boring people going “wow”. I say “yawn”. It’s just another OS. A platform for running applications and devices THROUGH. And frankly there seems to be quite a few software/ hardware problems at the moments, so you’d be better off with Windows 95. It’d be cheaper too! Home Basic is laughable. I keep hearing what it doesn’t do. What DOES it do? And the RAM limits are seem to be on purpose! That’s wrong.

  • 2. Wicked Beggar  |  Thursday, 8 February 2007 at 0:40

    Right, I think it’s time that I commented on this post! Firstly, let me say that I have been using Vista since the Beta releases (was part of the Vista Customer Preview Program), and so I have experienced Vista first hand – well what most of it was put together for the betas. But before I start, I just want to say that I am not pro or anti Vista, just giving you my experiences with this new OS. OK, lets get this comment really started!

    1. Vista Incomplete?
    Well yeah, but so are all OS’s when they first come out. Usually after retail, mass adoption by the public and heavey public use, will bugs surface. That is how patches are made. Same thing with XP when it first came out. SP1 solved some of the problems, and with the release of SP2, most of them were solved. But even after extensive updates, no OS is perfect. Same goes for Vista. But gradually, after more and more use, problems will be identified and hopefully fixed.

    2. Expensive?
    Yeah of course it is. It’s and new and, according to Microsoft, and “next gen” OS. So of course they’re going to milk as much money as they can out of us – I wouldn’t expect otherwise.

    3. Need a new PC?
    Microsoft advertises and Vista “needs” a new PC. Infact it really doesn’t – unless you want a system that is ultra fast. Vista’s new theme ‘Aero’ works with 512MB of RAM (below the 1GB requirement), just that it requires a registry hack to do so. Why? Because Microsoft have locked out ‘Aero’ for those who don’t match the new requirements. And why is that? Well business. If you the consumer needs to upgrade/buy a new PC for Vista, then that’s good for the PC suppliers. This in turn drives up support by these companies for Microsoft, and so they both win, (at your expense). But the thing to remember here is that Vista could most likely work on your PC, even if it doesn’t fully meet the minimum requirements, (but the Pixel Shader 2.0 and DX9 compatible graphics card you do need).

    4. Re-learning for Vista?
    Not at all. It’s easy, and almost exactly the same as XP. I had no trouble find my way around whilst using the betas. And if you think buying a Mac doesn’t involve re-training, well that”s just wrong. (but it only requires a little)

    And yeah… XP is definately not obsolete – I’ll be sticking with it for quite some time. However, gaming might be affected, as when DX10 launches, most games will be made for that and Vista.

    Well there you go. Phew sorry for that monolithic post

  • 3. It's A Free World, Baby  |  Thursday, 8 February 2007 at 3:06

    “Microsoft advertises and Vista “needs” a new PC. Infact it really doesn’t – unless you want a system that is ultra fast.” – But as Elgan said, what’s the point of having all these hot features if you can’t use them to their full extent? No one wants a half powered, half assed OS for £100’s. But thanks for the registry hack tip, i’m sure that will help lots of people make their minds about upgrading.

    As with ‘Re-learning’ Vista, i’m with you Julian. I have only spent a few minutes on Vista, but i had no trouble finding my way around.

    Thanks for all your points.

  • 4. Wicked Beggar  |  Thursday, 8 February 2007 at 13:37

    You’re welcome. lol.


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