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Tuesday, 9 January 2007 at 21:17 1 comment


It’s here!

Apples highly anticipated iPhone and Apple TV (aka iTV) has arrived today, but only for our friends over-the-pond.

iPhone – Features and thoughts

Physical Phone

  • Size – 115 x 61 x 11.6mm, 135g
    This is thin, maybe the thinnest smartphone at least (slimmer than the Motorola Q and Samsung BlackJack, according to iLounge).
  • Screen – 3,5inches, 320 by 480 at 160 ppi res and Multi-touch input.
    No buttons (well, one ‘home’ button). Personally i can only see problems initially: scratches and dirty finger marks (although Wikipedia reports a ‘smudgefree’ screen), and a Qwerty keyboard doesn’t necessarily help with SMS and e-mail with a phone.
  • Battery – Up to 5 hours Talk / Video / Browsing, Up to 16 hours Audio playback.
    Does this mean there is 2 batteries? There was word once. Even so, good power.

iPod Features

  • Vertical scroll.
    Does this step on creative’s toes?
  • Horizontal video viewing.
    Widescreen on the go, nice.
  • iTunes Coverflow function incorporated.
    Love this!

Phone Features

  • Sync contacts from PC, mac or Internet service.
    A feature i have always wanted, personally. Can be done in a roundabout way at the mo, lets hope their way is better.
  • Visual Voicemail – Listen to voicemail messages in whatever order you want.
    This is a cool feature. Rather than listening to all your messages to get the one u want, they are there to see on the screen.
  • SMS – IM Style inbox with QWERTY keyboard.
    I like the IM style inbox, with speech bubbles to show u all the SMS replies like a conversation. The QWERTY keyboard though, i’m not sure. They say it’s better than the usual Blackberry-plastic key job.
  • Camera and Photos – 2 meg Camera with Photo editing and organisation.
    2 meg camera is fine with me, any less would have been a disappointment. Photo editing – need to see how far it can go, and can u really use it to it’f full potential on that screen size? You can sync photos with ur PC or Mac aswell, good feature.
  • GSM – Quad-band (MHz: 850, 900, 1800, 1900)
    Potential to work nearly anywhere in the world, on any network. Keep your eyes on eBay!

Smart Features

  • Safari internet surfing, Google and Yahoo! search and bookmark sync.
    It’s great to see a recognisable web browser on a phone, that can handle the whole web not just wap. You can see webpages as intended, and zoom in if necessary. The bookmark sync is good for power users.
  • E-mail client.
    Computer-grade e-mail client with all that comes with it!
  • Google Maps.
    Very useful, although i don’t see why this is different to just using Safari. See Google Maps here.
  • Mac OS X.
    Windows have already done this, although i never read anything nice about it. Comes with all the perks of Mac X, including Applications and widgets.

Connectivity Features

  • Wi-Fi.
    My favourite! If your near a hot spot, your friends house or in a street full on unsecure routers, think of the speeds and how much you can save on your phone bill! *UPDATE* Word from bloggers is that the phone switches toWi-fi whenever its available, smart move!
  • EDGE.
    I have this on my Samsung X820. It’s just the next step in faster GPRS. Moving onwards though.
  • Bluetooth 2.0 with EDR.
    Bluetooth, a mobile must have. EDR = Enhanced Data Rate. Lower power consumption, ranges of upto 100m and transfer rates of upto 3.0 Mbps.

High Technology Features

  • Accelerometer.
    Detects when you swivel your phone horizontal and changes the screen to match.
  • Proximity sensor.
    Senses when your phones near your ear,switches of the backlight to save power and the touch-screen to save accidental button presses. The Nokia 7650 had something like this.
  • Ambient light sensor.
    Adjusts the back-light according to the light strength in the proximity. Cool idea.


  • Headphones.
    iPod style headphones with built in mic to take calls between tunes.

Ok, well it should be available over here in Q4 of this year, according to Wiki. In the US they are shipping in June, you can get them from Apple Stores or Cingular stores, and are only available on 2-year Cingular contracts. 4GB model for $499, 8GB model for $599.

Check out Apple’s website for information on the iPhone and Apple TV, including demo videos.

For more posts on Apple iPod, use the yellow search box in the top right hand corner.

References: BBC News website, iLounge and Wikipedia.


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  • 1. wickedbeggar  |  Sunday, 21 January 2007 at 21:09

    I know that a few days after they announced it – Apple’s shares fell due to uncertainty in their new product. Apparently it’s not comming out in the UK until 2008. I for one won’t be buying it due to monetary reasons. It’s just too damn expensive! lol.


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