Zune playing iPod at it’s own game

Tuesday, 7 November 2006 at 2:49 1 comment


Bad idea. I have just read that Microsoft will be closing their MSN Music Store the day that the Zune is released (14th November), and will NOT be making any music bought from the store compatible with the player. This means, like the iPod, Zune will have its own music store that will only work with its player, and a player that won’t work with 3rd party stores.

Taken from the BBC news website article;

“The problem has arisen because tracks from the MSN Music site are compatible with the specifications of the Plays For Sure initiative.

This was intended to re-assure consumers as it guaranteed that music bought from services backing it would work with players that supported it. MSN Music, Napster, AOL Music Now and Urge all backed Plays For Sure as did many players from hardware makers such as Archos, Creative, Dell and Iriver.

In a statement a Microsoft spokesperson said: ‘Since Zune is a separate offering that is not part of the Plays For Sure ecosystem, Zune content is not supported on Plays For Sure devices.'”

Microsoft have also said that Windows Media Player will recognise Zune Marketplace music, which means it may be possible to add them to your Plays For Sure player that way. But they did remind people that this will not be supported if complications arise.

Microsoft have shot themselves in the foot with this one. They don’t have the power Apple do to say ‘we not just having your money for hardware, we’re having it for music aswel, and you love our product so much you won’t be able to do anything about it’. But then again, Apple did it all those… 5 years ago. And look at them now. I can see where Microsoft are coming from, they want Zune to be a separate enterprise. But stopping people who are already customers of them to put music they purchased legally from them onto their product is ludacris! Especially as it won’t clash when Zune is out ’cause the store is being closed down! So Zune would stay a seperate thing, and people with MSN Music Store collections would be more inclined to purchase a Zune player! But it now they will be losing many customers of Napster, AOL, Urge and iTunes (there was once a rumour they would be offering iPod-to-Zune converters all their incompatible iTunes music free to download from Zune Marketplace). Twats.


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  • 1. Harry  |  Monday, 27 November 2006 at 13:18

    Would you expect anything more of Microsoft?
    No one seems to think of the consumer, sometimes I think its best just to buy a rubbish 3rd party player without the rubbishy transfer software. Unfortunately, all the larger players have it. iTunes only works well on a Mac because it’s built in! That’s me done, I’m all out of stress now


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