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I have just read on the BBC News Website that Keane are to release their next single ‘Nothing In My Way‘ on limited edition 512MB memory sticks.

Their will be only 1,500 of these special singles, and will be on sale from HMV stores. For £3.99 you get the video, unprotected mp3 of the single, 3x screensavers (Corin Hardy tube animations), a link to special page on the website to view an alternative version of ‘Nothing In My Way’ (including a competition to see the band in the US next year) and a ‘Keane’ branded 512MB memory stick (their website reports it is ‘world’s thinnest flash drive’) that can be used as a normal usb stick would.

The BBC News website also had this to say:

‘…Keane are not pioneering the idea. Canadian band Barenaked Ladies started selling albums on USB drives last year.

Robbie Williams also released his Greatest Hits album on a memory card for mobile phones and hand-held computers in 2004.

Although there are no official sales figures for the card, the fact that few other acts have copied the idea suggests it failed to make an impression.

In that instance, cost could have been a factor. The memory card cost £29.99 – more than double the price of the CD.’

I think its worth a try, i really do. I don’t even like Keane, but i’m guna try get one. For one reason it’s ‘the world’s thinnest’ 512MB flash drive for £4. Bargain, even if the song is shit.

Full BBC article here, band website article here.


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