The Pseudo Democracy Podcast #1

Thursday, 19 October 2006 at 0:56 1 comment

Expressions (featuring The Miget and The Wicked Beggar) are re-branding after a long weekend. Story below mirrored from The Pseudo Democracy blog:

‘Not long to wait now folks. As you can tell – ‘Expressions’ our old colaborative blog has undergone some changes since it first launched. We wanted Expressions to be a place for us (Mike and myself) to umm… “express our feelings”. Well that sure nose dived didn’t it? We never really gave the writing aspect of the blog much time, and when we did, our posts really weren’t very “expressive”. So we felt that a change was needed, and not just a new look.(Which is something I did far too often!) No – we needed a new name, a new identity, oh and a new style. And as you might have guessed, we are rebranding as “The Pseudo Democracy”. Why? Well all will be answered soon enough when the new site launches.So is anything else changing? Well hopefully we’ll be able to devote more time to writing on the new blog. But don’t worry; we are still going to continue podcasting! We’re just entitling them: “The Pseudo Democracy Podcasts”. You didn’t think we’d deprive you all of me trying to work the audio recording software and Mike doing his french impressions now did you?

So on that note, we leave you with our latest podcast to listen to while we get the new site up and running!


Julian (and Mike if he so wishes it)

– Mike does wish peace to everyone too. )

Check out there new podcast here. I havn’t had time to listen to it yet, but will update when i have.


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Eddie is back from whereever he’s been Vinyl, Tape, CD, MP3, Memory Stick

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  • 1. Wicked Beggar  |  Monday, 23 October 2006 at 15:55

    Oh WOW thanks so much. Lol. Yeah we’re changing our name and site look – it should be up soon. Lol – it’s just these kinds of posts on other peoples blogs that makes us feel wanted! 🙂


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