Total. iPod. Revolution.

Wednesday, 13 September 2006 at 0:17 3 comments


I hate Apple. Because they always make me want an iPod when i already own one. All of the iPod family have been, as they put it, ‘remastered’:

iPod Shuffle 2nd Generation


New key features include:

– Anodized-aluminium shell, with attached belt-clip.
– No more 512MB, only 1GB.
– No integrated USB, wire/dock needed. BUT this is now included.
– New earbud headphones included.
– And only £55 (previously £69) at the Apple Online Store.

I am liking the new Shuffle. Tiny, stylish, solid and close to value for money!

iPod Nano 2nd Generation


New key features include:

– Black, Silver, Pink, Green or Blue Anodized-aluminium shell.
– Now 2GB, 4GB or 8GB. Dropped the old 1GB Nano due to the price reductions i think.
– Now an unheard of (in iPod terms) 24 hours battery life.
– 40% brighter backlight, including better control of the brightness. May have a link to the improved battery life.
– New earbud headphones included.
– Prices are now 2GB @ £99, 4GB @ £129 and 8GB @ £169. Not bad considering you only got 4GB hard drive for £169 with an iPod mini, now get 8GB of flash.

The Nano’s are tempting. I loved my old 2G Mini in Blue. These things are even smaller than the 1G, inevitably more solid. That battery life is amazing, if it’s true. The price is intriguing too. Hmmm, i will ponder more…

iPod 5.5th Generation


New key features include:

– Improved battery of upto 20 hours.
– New Search feature, to help sift through those 20,000 songs.
– 60% brighter backlight, including better control of the brightness.
– Gapless playback, intended for Mix albums and Live albums.
– Ability to buy and play Games and Movies from the iTunes Store.
– New earbud headphones included.
– New price tag of 30GB @ £189 (previously £219) and 80GB @ £259.

Miffed at not being able to upgrade my 5G to have the Search function. I used to think when i first bought it it would be awesome to have Google on it. They do do Wikipedia for iPods, but that’s another story. The movie thing is a stupid idea. Why pay £7 for a movie that can only be watched on a 2.5″ screen, when you can pay £10 for a hard copy that you can watch on TVs, Macs, PCs, iPods, Media Players and more? Well, if you like the iTV idea i ‘spose. Doesn’t fo anything for me i’m afraid. Overall this is abit of a yawn compared to what else is on offer.

iTunes 7 and Store


New key features include:

– New streamlined look.
– The acquisition and integration of Coverflow into iTunes.
– Automatic Cover Art downloader, for new and existing albums.
– iPod Games and the Store, for iPod 5/5.5G.
– iPod Summary, tells you how much space you have taken up and what is taking it up at-a-glance.
– Download manger, to keep you informed of what your downloading and how long you’ll have to wait.
– Multiple Libraries spread across HDD.
– Easy back-up disc creator.
– The best price of all, FREE.

I am liking iTunes 7 at the mo. Coverlfow, which i first heard about through Binky the Doormat, is a nice feature. Automatic artwork downloader is a time saver, for modern tunes. Have struggled to get it to find any old stuff. I assume it only works for songs that are also sold on the iTunes Store.

I would HIGHLY recommend any avid iPod fan or potential customer go over to iLounge. It’s alot of new stuff to take in, but they deal with it well. Check out their initial reviews, with more details to follow. Also Engadget have a few choice words.

There is also a BBC News website story here.

For more posts on Apple iPod, use the yellow search box in the top right hand corner.


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  • 1. Binky  |  Wednesday, 13 September 2006 at 9:11

    I’m really happy they’ve integrated Coverflow into iTunes, but I still have lots and lots of tracks without artwork. It can’t find artwork for older deleted compilations – maybe there’s an opportunity for people to create custom artwork?

    Also, I have loads of CDs that came with magazines (NME, Q, etc.). I think these mags should have an area on their websites where you can get the artwork for these discs.

    Overall though, a good bunch of goodies from Apple. Can’t wait for (the confusingly named) iTV!

  • 2. avuee  |  Thursday, 14 September 2006 at 18:36

    I have an iPod nano 4GB and quite satisified with that.

  • 3. Mac Fanatic  |  Monday, 2 October 2006 at 15:27

    Can’t wait for Apple to update Front Row with Front Row. Anyone got a copy of Coverflow RC1 from Steelskies?

    I am using 1.999 and find it heaps better than iTunes 7. Apparently the new version works with the Apple Remote control in full screen.


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