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Saturday, 26 August 2006 at 15:18 2 comments


According to several reports today Toshiba will be the people behind Microsoft‘s “iPod killer” Zune. But the best bit is the first concrete info on the file-sharing feature, read on:

From AppleInsider story: ‘Clunky-looking Microsoft Zune player revealed in filing‘.

Wireless communication
“In order to use wireless sharing feature such as ‘send’ and ‘DJ’ you will need to turn on your device’s wireless capabilities,” Microsoft states in the user manual. “When this setting is on, your device will be discoverable by other Pyxis devices and also be capable of searching for other Pyxis devices in range.”

Sending content
Once Zune’s wireless capabilities are enabled, users will be able to share photos and promotional copies of songs, albums and playlists from other Pyxis users, the documentation states. After selecting the audio track or image to be shared, users of the device can activate a send command which will display a list of nearby Pyxis devices that also have wireless capabilities enabled.

DJing content
“Pyxis allows you to stream music to up to 4 other Pyxis devices. If you wish to ‘DJ’ content to other devices you need to go either to settings/music or press the center button in the ‘now playing’ screen,” the manual states. “You will be presented with a DJ setting with 3 options: off, on, or friends. If you choose DJ:on, anyone can listen in to the same music that you are currently listing to. If you choose DJ: friends, only people in your friends list can listen in.”

Being the DJ
After users enable Zune’s DJ setting, users will receive an onscreen notification as other users join the audio stream. “If you turn off your device or begin playing non-music content, any listener connections that you have will end and you will not be shown as a DJ again until you are once again listening to music,” the documentation goes on to read.

Tuning in
Users who are tapped into a DJ listening session will be unable to use any transport controls, according to the documentation. Instead, the user DJing the stream has full control of the session. In order to stop listening to the DJ, users must start playback of “any piece of music or video content” in their library.

Friend requests
“You can invite other Argo members that you meet to be your friends wirelessly via Pyxis. Navigate to the ‘nearby’ screen and find the person that you wish to send a friends request to,” the manual states. “Select ‘send friend request’ and the person will see a notification on his/her device allowing them to accept or reject your request.”

Other stories from BBC News Website, here, and iLounge, here. Also see my other post on Microsoft’s Zune, ‘Make the Switch‘.


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2 Comments Add your own

  • 1. Wicked Beggar  |  Sunday, 27 August 2006 at 2:08

    Well now I have two choices on MP3 player: iPod or Zune? Hmm… I’m going to fight temptation and hold out on purchasing an iPod for a bit longer to fully see the Zune’s capabilities and most importantly for me – the price! lol

  • 2. It's A Free World, Baby  |  Sunday, 27 August 2006 at 19:32

    Definitely hang on, i would.


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