BB7 Golden Ticket for £10m *UPDATED*

Friday, 19 May 2006 at 16:58 2 comments

£10m Golden Ticket on eBay

Hahahahahahahahaha, someone is offering a Golden Ticket to get onto the live TV competition for a place in BB7 for £10,000,000. Check it out. *UPDATE* The bidding has ended, for a suspicious 99p. Check the bidding history and every other bidder but the one who won had their bids cancelled an hour before the auction was over. The winner placed their bid 1 minute before the bidding ended. Why were all the others (including the £10m bid) cancelled? Explanation from the ticket owner: joke.*

Well, if you are dead set on chasing an elusive BB7 goldent ticket, then eBay is the place. Personally, this one is my favourite. As the description so aptly puts it: “Item being sold is one KitKat bar, new and un-opened. You have no chance what so ever of appearing on Big Brother with this KitKat. So for those who don’t want any publicity bid away.”

According to a rumour online, the 100 Golden Ticket owners will go to a live TV final. 5 will be randomly chosen and, all background checks complying, will face a public vote as to who will go into the house. Again, just a rumour.

Here is the Official Channel 4 info about the competition.


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  • 1. Lee  |  Sunday, 21 May 2006 at 20:31

    BB is becoming too ‘in your face’. It was better in season 1 when we had normal everyday people there. These day its just show offs who want to make a quick million – unfortunately is the way of todays society.

  • 2. freeworldbaby  |  Sunday, 21 May 2006 at 20:38

    I would agree people are trying to get on BB for the money more than the experience these days, but i must admit that Endemol have got their selelection process down to a T this time. They have picked a group of people that have fallen out within 1 day of living together, and from a psychologists point of view that is impressive. They may not be ‘normal’, but they are entertainment.


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