David Blaine out of hospital, BB7 News, Moyels on X Factor, Take That’s New Album

Tuesday, 9 May 2006 at 20:49 Leave a comment

David Blaine has left hospital after his latest ‘Drowned Alive’ stunt in Lincoln Sq., New York City. Blaine lived under water, in a human-sized goldfish bowl, for 7 days. On the 7th day he attempted and failed to break the world record for holding his breath (scientific term is apnoea) under water, whilst escaping from Houdini-style chains. He was said to have show signs of liver failure on Tuesday, but refused to quit the stunt. In hospital he was identified with suffering from liver and kidney damage, rashes and some loss of sensation. *UPDATE* It would appear Blaine was unconcious and suffering from convulsions when he was pulled from the tank after holding his breath for 7 minutes. But after being released from hospital yesterday his condition has said to be returning to normal.*

Oh good-old David Blaine. He is always up for a giggle. He said that he couldn’t quit the stunt because it was for “his fans”. Shame that couldn’t be said for his stay in a glass box in London, where he had eggs thrown at him by our dear British citizens. Check some of his better tricks out here and here.

New details about Big Brother 7 have been released today. Housemates will share one bedroom and one bathroom, all surrounded by glass walls. They will also have an “inside-out” house-plan, with grass in the kitchen and carpet in the garden. Also there will be nowhere for people to hide, like last years loft.

Radio One disc-jokey Chris Moyels will be on the next series of Celebrity X Factor. He said he hopes to be kicked off the first night, as he will get just as much money as the rest.

Take That’s New Album will include songs written by all four members (Robbie Williams will not be rejoining) and will be released in the Autumn.

Oh. My. Fucking. God.


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