Apple Vs. Apple – Verdict

Monday, 8 May 2006 at 13:00 Leave a comment

Apple Corps (The Beatles company) and Apple Computers (Mac and iPod) have had a verdict on their latest court battle. Apple Corps had an agreement with Apple Computers not to enter the music market, after their last court battle in 1991. Apple Corps took Apple Computers to court over their iTunes music store. The verdict today has been in favour of of Apple Computers.

I must say I was in favour of The Beatles. Apple Corps was there before Apple Computers. The Beatles are a big piece of music, they have and always will be. And i think that people in general recognise their grannie smith apple logo and relate it to The Beatles. Obviously i don't know the fine details of the agreement, but asking Apple to stay out of Music doesn't seem to pedantict to me. After all, Apple Corps had been more than generous in my eyes by letting the computer company share its name/logo idea, even though they appeared 8 years after (well done for the original idea, btw). Well, ok, the $80,000 may have helped ease the pain. No doubt they (Apple Computers) have received some revenue from misdirected internet searches and assumptions of a link with The Beatles due to this. I think Apple are just getting a bit to big for their boots, moving in on Apple Corps patch and all. Not that Microsoft are saints, but Apple has invented their first product in recent years that has actually been purchased on a wide scale (i had never even touched a Mac until i went to University) and are now set on being corporate bad-bois: general refusal to adopt open standards, restricting the market by making iPods only play stuff from THEIR music store, putting adware on the software you have to use if you own an iPod, there is even talk of them adding adverts to all podcasts through the iTMS. Oh well, it's still 2-1 to Apple Corps to my knowledge, and i'm sure there is more to come.


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